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When Harold Leese founded Leese Flooring Supplies in the mid 1900’s, he began a tradition of quality and service that the company still follows today. The business was established and just starting to take off when Leese decided that he was ready to move on.

Leese Flooring Supplies was a successful but small operation when Joe Connors bought the business from Leese. His son, Mark Connors, eventually joined him to help him run business. Within a few years, Jim Connors came on board as well. Through their efforts, the Connors transformed the small flooring supplies company into a thriving family business.

Working to Build a Strong Business

The Connors family worked as a team, building a strong clientele and developing new ways to serve their customers. They began delivery runs to make their products and equipment more easily accessible. To maintain their quality inventory, the Connors initiated a continuous search to find quality professional products, equipment, and materials at the best possible price.
Mark Connors focused on developing the equipment aspect of the business. He learned the best techniques for performing maintenance and repairs. He cultivated relationships with manufacturers to get immediate answers to his questions. Mark also trained Nick McKone to perform repairs with the Connors trademark skill and attention to detail.

A Third-Generation Connors Family Business

Daniel Connors is the third generation in the family to run Leese Flooring Supplies. Over the years, the location has changed and the ownership has changed but they haven’t changed their belief that the customer comes first.

The Connors still run a business where floor finishing professionals can find the high-quality products they need for the best possible price.


At Leese Flooring Supplies, we stock the quality products and equipment you need and we give you the customer service you deserve. We’re dedicated to providing quality equipment, materials, and hardwood floor finishes to flooring contractors throughout New England.

At Leese, we do whatever we can to help you get the job done right but we couldn’t do it without our dedicated Team.

Service With a Smile

Each one of our employees is a long-term member of the Leese Flooring Supplies team. They’re experienced and knowledgeable. They provide fast, efficient service because they’ve spent years learning important details about our company and our products and how best to serve our customers.

Our employees work together to meet your needs because they understand that every customer is important. When you call us, a dedicated employee is here to respond to your questions. When you stop by our showroom, one of our team members always greets you with a smile.

Meet Our Team

We’re proud to introduce the members of the Leese Flooring Supplies Team.

Daniel Connors

Danny is the fourth generation of Connors to operate Lease Flooring Supplies. He’s been involved in day-to-day business operations for 10 years. He initially began working for the company off and on during high school and college. For the past five years, he has run the business full-time. In his spare time, Danny works on home projects and spends time planning new directions for the company.

Gerry Gagnon

Delivery Driver
Gerry has been a Leese Flooring Supplies’ delivery driver for 35 years. He spends a lot of time on the road making product and equipment runs to our customers in Connecticut and Massachusetts. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities in the woods. Gerry is also very involved with his family. He especially enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Ron Levasseur

Ron has spent 21 years as our internal sales manager and marketing manager. He’s one of the dedicated team members you’ll meet when you visit our showroom. When Ron is away from our showroom, he spends his spare time relaxing at his lake house.

Nick McKone

Nick has worked with Leese Flooring Supplies for over 10 years. He’s our mechanic and warehouse manager and he’s very good with our customers. He can explain any issue or answer any question about our equipment. When Nick is away from the business, he spends his time with his wife, working out or rock climbing at his local gym.


In order to efficiently price and ship your order, please call and speak to one of our friendly sales representatives. 

Leese Flooring Sulplies, Inc. is located in the Greater Hartford Area. We make deliveries throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

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We learn the best repair methods from manufacturers and continuously update our skills. We train new repair specialists to maintain our quality repair tradition.

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