Makita Under Radiator/Toe-Kick Sander

Makita Under Radiator SanderThis sander has a durable machined aluminum nose and a 4.5 amp motor. It can be applied when sanding stairs or under radiators. The nose of this machine is made in both 10″ and 13″ and can be used with a 5″ or 7″ pad.

Crain Toe-Kick Saw and Undercut Saw

Lägler Hummel

The Lägler Hummel is one of the foremost used belt sanders on the market. With a quick change belt system, optimized dust extraction and a durable body it is clear why the Hummel is a favorite among flooring professionals.

Clarke CAV 12

The Clarke CAV 12 vacuum is marketed as the ideal tool for a big sanding jobs. This durable product is compatible with a H.E.P.A. filter to meet federal regulations when sanding surfaces that may be coated with lead based finishes. The vacuum features a quiet 120 V motor and produces only 62 dB A while working. Its container can support up to 12 gallons of debris and it weighs in at 31lbs.

Proteam MegaVac

The engineers at Proteam wired up their most powerful motor in this 11lb backpack vacuum. The MegaVac houses an 11L filter and can easily be converted into a blower if needed.

Clarke RS-16DC and RS-16 Rotary Sanders

The Clark RS-16DC and RS-16 Rotary Sanders offer strength, durability and ease of use for floor professionals trying to make aggressive cuts. This machine is equipped with a 1.5 HP motor and is available in a standard or dust control (DC) model.

Mastercraft MD17E-MAS

Mastercraft MD17E-MAS is designed for mastic and coating removals as well as concrete floor profiling. This machine has a 1.5 HP motor and provides and economical and environmentally-safe method for concrete preparation.

Clarke B-2+

The Clark B-2+ has the capability to between speeds of 2800 RPM up to 3000 RPM, which makes this machine a great option for precision and aggressive cuts. The new dust collection system can be connected to any 1-1/2″-2″ vacuum hose for improved dust containment. The 50′ power cord allows you to work a large area, and the rotating dust pipe will help you maneuver through tight spots.

Clarke Super 7R

The Clark Super 7R is equipped with a precision balanced sander pad and a hardened steel pinion for reduced vibration and cleaner cuts. The 7R has a rotating dust pipe that allows you to work in tight spaces. This model creates less mess when the dust pipe is attached to a compatible vacuum hose between 1-1/2″ and 2″.

Galaxy Omega 8

The engineers at Galaxy designed the Omega 8 with an optimum drum pressure to speed ratio. Adjustments can be made quickly with the external belt tension mechanism.