Bona Sport Poly 350 Gymthane

Bona Sport Poly 350 - GymthaneBona Sport Poly 350 is a high gloss oil based polyurethane specifically formulated for use on gymnasium floors. It is a tough finish allowing for easy maintenance and resistance towards rubber marks and scuffs.

1 gallon of Bona Sport Poly 350 approximately covers 400 sq. feet

This product complies with VOC laws and regulations allowing it to be sold in 5 gallon cans.

DuraSeal® Quick Dry Sealer – Oil Based Sealer

Dura Seal Quick Dry Sealer - Oil Based Sealer

DuraSeal® Quick Dry Sealer is an oil based sealer that quickly seals wood floors as the first step in the finishing process. This sealer provides a strong bond between the bare wood and succeeding finish coats of polyurethane.

Suggested drying time is approximately 4 hours depending on jobsite conditions.



VOC: 525 (Max)

1 Qt: 125 sq. ft.

DuraSeal® Poly 550 – Oil Based Finish – Satin, Semi, Gloss

Dura Seal Poly 550 - Oil Based Finish - Satin, Semi, Gloss

DuraSeal® Polyurethane is a tough oil based finish formulated to provide excellent durability and remarkable stain resistance. This finish gives wood floors depth and richness while protecting them from dirt and spills.

This finish is stocked in three sheen levels: satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

Dry time is approximately 8 hours.


VOC: 525 (Max)

1 Qt: 125 sq. ft.

DuraSeal® Quick Coat – Wood Stain

Dura Seal Quick Coat - Wood StainDuraSeal® Quick Coat is a premium wood stain that is also formulated to seal bare hardwood floors.  Along with existing DuraSeal® stain colors, the Quick Coat Finish is also available in many certified Minwax® colors.

The dry time is approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on humidity and other environmental variables. It is suggested that you allow the stain to cure overnight before applying a coat of polyurethane.

1 quart of DuraSeal® Quick Coat Penetrating Finish will cover approximately 100 to 150 sq. feet depending on application method.

Minwax® Certified Colors: Golden Oak, Provincial, Special Walnut, Golden Pecan, Colonial Maple, Fruitwood, Red Mahogany, English Chestnut, Weathered Oak, Classic Gray, Dark Walnut, Cherry, Jacobean, Espresso

DuraSeal® Colors: Nutmeg, Chestnut, Neutral, Spice Brown, Coffee Brown, Antique Brown, Medium Brown, Mesquite Red, Royal Mahogany, Golden Brown, Rosewood, Sedona Red, Ebony, Gunstock, Country White, Early American, Black

NOTE: Due to VOC laws, this product is only available in quart sized cans. This product should be used in a well ventilated area and with caution as long term exposure to the fumes could cause health problems. Stain saturated rags are HIGHLY combustible.

DuraSeal® Gymthane 350 – Oil Based Gymthane

Dura Seal Gymthane 350 - Oil Based GymthaneDuraSeal® Gymthane finish is a high gloss polyurethane designed specifically for use on gymnasium floors. The 350 VOC finish is resistant to rubber scuff marks and is easily maintained.

Each 5 gallon bucket of DuraSeal® Gymthane finish will cover approximately 2,500 sq. feet.

This product is compliant with the State of Connecticut’s VOC laws and regulations.

Fabulon Poly 550 – Super Satin, Semi, High Gloss

Fabulon Poly 550 - Oil Based Finish - Super Satin, Semi, High Gloss

Fabulon Polyurethane provides a highly attractive, tough, durable coating for hardwood floors.

Available in three sheen levels: Super Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Super Gloss.

Dry time is approximately 8 hours.



1 Qt: 125 sq. ft.

Garco Seal Kote – Shellac Sealer

Garco Seal Kote - Shellac SealerGarco Seal Kote is a shellac-based universal sealer that is fast drying and can be top coated with any polyurethane. The sealer is VOC compliant and only stocked in 5 gal. buckets.

The estimated dry time is approximately 45 minutes depending job site conditions.





5 Gal: 2,500 sq. ft.

Leese Poly 350 – Satin, Semi, Gloss

Leese Professional Polyurethane offers the latest technology in environmentally compliant oil based finishes, and even better, the Gloss sheen has also been approved for use on gym courts.

Available in three sheens: Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.



1 Gal: 500 sq. ft.     5 Gal: 2,500 sq. ft.

Lenmar Poly 550 – Oil Based Poly – Satin, Semi, Gloss

Lenmar Polyurethane is a premium oil-modified finish designed for professional use on both commercial and residential floors.

Available in three sheen levels: Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.




1 Qt: 125 sq. ft.

Pro Finish Universal Sealer

Universal Sealer - Shellac SealerPro Finisher Universal Sealer is a unique sanding sealer that provides superior performance. When applied, this sealer penetrates the surface of the wood and brings out the natural richness of each board. Pro Finisher Universal Sealer does NOT contain waxes or stearates making it compatible with ALL oil based and water based floor finishes.

The dry time for this product is approximately 45 minutes depending on jobsite conditions.


1 Gal: 500 sq. ft.     5 Gal: 2,500 sq. ft.

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